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Aluminium Wire - Bonsai 4 Pack

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Bonsai wire that comes in a pack of 4 wires in different colors. Crafted from a thick yet pliable type of aluminium wire, our Bonsai Wire is specially desig

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Discover our flexible bonsai wire in a 4-pack, featuring one wire in each color, which will elevate your floral projects to new heights! This wire is perfect for those who love to experiment and create unique arrangements. It is soft enough to easily shape yet maintains the stiffness needed to support most structures.

The wire is reusable and durable, ideal for those who value both creativity and environmental awareness. Use it to support flowers in vases, build custom-designed structures, or why not let it become part of the decoration itself? Our wires come in several vibrant shades that complement each other and enhance your floral arrangements to new heights.

Are you ready to try something new and exciting? Our bonsai wire gives you the tools you need to explore and express your creativity. Start creating today and see where your imagination can take you with our versatile and colorful wire!


Color: Silver, Green, Brown, Pink
Thickness: 2 mm
Length: 3 meters
Material: Aluminum